Friday, October 7, 2011

October Challenge: Black Ribbon

Wow. That is really all have to say about this one.

Black Ribbon (2007)
I am not even sure where to start with this one.

The premise was very cool.  Writer moves out to country to work on new book.  Buys a possessed typewriter, then rape, murder and satanism ensue.
But the movie is so bad I can't even be sure that was what supposed to happen or like the book in the movie it just sort of got away from the writers.
A plot summary here is pointless really.  There is so much wasted effort here that alone should remove this movie from consideration.  No what makes this a true masterpiece of the awful is the terrible, terrible acting, terrible cinematography and just overall cheapness of everything.  It's hard to even enjoy it for camp value.
But like the proverbial train wreck I could not turn away and watched it to the end. But I will say my expectation were already really low, and it still managed not even to rise to that level.
Oh well.  Don't watch if you are easily offended by graphic nudity, implied incest, making fun of the mentally disabled, or satanism.

Tally: 7 movies, 7 new.

So what can I use here for my games?  Well easy I think.  Set up a game with a cursed object an old typewriter is a great choice.  Play in a modern system (like Unissytem) and then switch to the time when the typewriter was new (say Cthulhu by Gaslight) and have the same players play the characters that the first group is reading/writing about.  Go back and forth like this till no one knows which reality is real and which one isn't.  Course I could take a further cue from this flick and resolve it in third system at the very end.

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