Tuesday, October 11, 2011

October Challenge: Flesh, TX

At some point the defacto home for strange goings on changed from dark castles and moors to the American countryside. "Good Evening" was replaced by "Where you goin' city folk?" as the phrase to send chills down your spine. That was what the creators of Flesh, TX must have thought. Too bad that is all they thought.

Flesh, TX (2009)
So what do we have here? Murder, cannibalism, incest.  It opens well with a mindless random killing, always fun in a slasher flick.
The sad thing here is that there could have been something good here. The elements are in place, but the execution was terrible.  The actors for the most part are terrible (with a notable exception), the script is not great and the audio is terrible.  The direction seems non-existent.
I guess the biggest issue is that the movie is just simply bad.

It could have been good and that is the real shame here.
I would like to see the actors in something else and see if they are actually bad or if movie was even worse than I thought it was.

I did get a chance to see Kathleen Benner in "Running on Empty Dreams" and she was much better in that.

Tally, 11 movies, 9 new.

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