Thursday, October 27, 2011

October Challenge: Legion (2009)

What happens if you take the line "Every Angel is terrifying" and make it into an entire movie?  You might get something like Legion.

Legion (2009)

I really enjoy the good War in Heaven movies.  It shows that The Plan isn't all it's cracked up to be.  Plus demons, as scary as they can be, are so over done.  "oh look, another one of hell's rejects, I wonder what it might do?"  But a rogue Angel?  Or a rogue Angel with a shotgun?  Yeah that sounds cool.
The story is really though nothing new.  Angel "falls" to Earth and cuts off his wings (and his symbolic link to the Master Plan) and then heads out to the desert.  Here he finds a pregnant woman and we learn that her baby has a huge destiny in front of him as mankind's next savior.
The angel in this case though is the Arch Angel Micheal.  And the woman and her unborn are not being hunted by demons, but other angels.   They make a stand off in the diner in the middle of the desert with Denis Quaid and Charles S. Dutton (two actors that are always really fantastic in what they do).
The baby comes and so do the trumpets.  Micheal's BBF Gabriel is here and the action turns up a bit.
Long story short, mother, baby and new boyfriend that always loved her from afar drive a new town with a car full of guns.  Not exactly a Christmas story, but hey.

I liked how the angels looked, there was an alieness about them that we only normally see in demons or Lovecraftian horrors.  These are not fat, nekkid babies with little wings.  These warriors that are willing to commit genocide in their Creator's name AND with the knowledge that what they are doing is right.
Plus they can posses people.  Why should demons have all the fun.

Now this movie got some pretty bad reviews.  Some of those are deserved.  The plot is thin at best, but this is a fun movie.  There are some good scares in it and really it combines many different horror tropes together rather nicely.
I liked it and thought it was fun.

Tally 26 movies, 23 new.

Game Ideas: This is an Armageddon or WitchCraft game blended with All Flesh Must Be Eaten.
In fact it has been done already,  I have to admit I really, really like Thom's take on the Arch Angels.


The Grey Elf said...

Legion, or as I call it, The Prophecy 5. Seriously, it fits seamlessly in with the other Prophecy movies from a story standpoint.

Great flick, though.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

It really does.