Wednesday, October 12, 2011

October Challenge: The Witch's Sabbath (2005)

When you don't expect much from a movie and get nothing you are only mildly disappointed. When you expect nothing from a movie and get comedy of this sort then that is something else.  Witch's Sabbath is that kind of movie.

The Witch's Sabbath (2005)
The premise here is simple, even one I could use in a game.  Coven of witches, pretending to be strippers to get 666 victims for their dark lord. The 666 number seems a bit large, the cops would notice at 6 really (even less) and the strip club is the smallest, dingiest hole in the wall I have ever seen. But this little flick has some charm.   The actors don't seem to take themselves very serious, which is good since the acting is terrible.  The special effects are crappy, but fun.  If you like your gore plenty and often then this is a fun little flick.  Plus the film has Ron Jeremy in it. How can that be bad?
This is not a good movie and I am not pretending it is.  But is a stupid kind of fun.

It is worth sitting through for the witches' dark lord at the end.

Tally 12 movies, 10 new.

Game wise this is a perfect set up.  Strip-club or night-club where some mysterious goings on are well, going on, it's cliche, but still a classic.

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