Tuesday, October 25, 2011

October Challenge: Shower of Blood

I like cheesy horror movies, but they are very much a hit or miss affair.  I like little independent movies too.  They generally have more heart than budget and that will show in the enthusiasm of the actors.
but other times you get this.

Shower of Blood (2004)
I think the most telling bit here is that none of the actors have every gone on to do anything else, with a minor exception. The director also never went on to anything else.

So what do we have here?  Well five college kids are going on a weekend trip.  Lisa has an Uncle Marty she has not seen in 10 years and figures she can just pop in with her drunk and horny friends to spend the night.  Of course we are also supposed to buy that Lisa and Heather are virgins.  Casting tip: Girls with breast implants do not make convincing virgins. Trouble is Uncle Marty is a vampire and he wants Heather to be his new bride.

Well what is good about this movie?  The basic plot is not bad. The special effects are surprisingly well done. And there is plenty of flesh for all.

The bad points are, well pretty bad.  The acting is sub high school play, in fact I think many of the "actors" were purposely trying to be bad.  The sound editing is beyond terrible and into the amateur.  Adding burbs and farts to the actresses moving around is either stupid, mean spirited or both. While the basic plot is not bad, the execution of said plot is terrible.  Beyond it really.

Honest this is not the worse movie I have seen this challenge, but it is really, really close.

What I can't understand is how a sequel was made.  I might have to watch that one too.

Tally 24 movies, 21 new.

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