Wednesday, October 12, 2011

When Blogs close

Dave over at There's Dungeons Down Under has announced that he is closing up shop and deleting his blog.

I have enjoyed his blog in the past and I am going to miss it.I wish him all the best.
Looking over his past posts it is hard to believe he has only been doing this since February of this year and has only a little more than 100 posts.  Certainly though his posts were quality filled and he always managed to get a large number of comments.

Blogs are ephemera. They, come they go, and they rarely last more than the few minutes it takes to read them.  One day even this blog will close. I don't think I am going to delete anything, that is not my style.

A few others have also come and gone without much fanfare.  I usually go through my roll and weed out ones that have not posted in a very long time.  There are few names I have not seen in a while too.  Maybe time to weed through that blog roll again.


Philosophical slumber said...

So it seems i am not the only one moaning because of this today

Anonymous said...

I think I'm going to delete my blog soon. Probably my whole G account. The blogs I'm following are stuck and I can't delete the stagnant or irrelevant ones.

Tenkar said...

It seems that most blogs that close AND delete happen after some blogoshpere / inter web kertuffel. People get upset (understandably) when a-holes with internet muscles attempt to tear others down.

I spent years walking a beat and dealing with a-holes in my face on a daily basis. the ones on the net don't stand a chance ;)

that being said, it's a shame we are losing another outstanding blog in our corner of the net.

Anonymous said...

A-holes are pretty much why I'm shutting down soon.

Zanazaz said...

He's closing down primarily because of health issues. Secondarily because of the Internet Twits. I just wish he would leave it up, but he is backing it up. So, maybe one day he will be back.

People, don't give them any satisfaction by shutting down your blog. That only makes them feel more powerful, and fuels them. Take a break if necessary, but don't give up.