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Friday, March 15, 2024

Kickstart Your Weekend: Kickstarter Overload!

 There were so many this week, and so many were good ones. Let's get going.

Tales of Voracious: Ragnarok

Tales of Voracious: Ragnarok

Kate Bullock is back with a new set of erotic horror monster tales.  This one covers the nine realms fo Norse Myths. If it is anything like her first book in this series then it should be a lot of fun. This one has the added benefit of a connecting theme.  

Kate is a great write and great person to boot, so I'd love to see this one do well.

Fey Earth

Fey Earth

I have been following this one for a while now, and their Kickstarter is live. It is set in the 19th Century and has Fey races, magic, and more. That sounds exactly like my cup of tea, to be honest.  Add in some witches and that makes it a must buy! 

So yeah, I know next to nothing about the system but the premise sounds good and the art is great. I also want this one to do well.

The tiers are nice and simple. Easy to figure out what I want.

THE EXPANSE Collectible Action Figures

THE EXPANSE Collectible Action Figures

Before it was a TV Series, or a Green Ronin RPG, or a Book Series, the Expanse was a d20 Modern game. I just learned that today.  This Kickstarter is for action figure line. Because really, you need Chrisjen Avasarala and Camina Drummer figures!

As of this writing this has not hit it's goals yet, but I am sure it will get there.

Gary Gygax's World Builders Archive

Gary Gygax's World Builders Archive

Troll Lords continues to add weight to their claim that Castles & Crusades IS the spiritual successor to AD&D. This Kickstarter brings new Gygax material to C&C.

There is so much here that I can't get into it. If the name Gygax means anything to you then click on this and see what they have.

BX Advanced Bestiary, Vol. 2

BX Advanced Bestiary, Vol. 2

More monsters are always great! The only I like more than making monsters is reading about them so this one is also a must-get for me.

Legend of Seven Golden Demons & Slime Pits of Sewer Witch

Legend of Seven Golden Demons & Slime Pits of Sewer Witch

Legend of Seven Golden Demons & Slime Pits of Sewer Witch

Mentioned this one last week, but it is worth repeating!

NOW some upcoming ones.

Djinn Unboxed - NSFW Artbook

Djinn Unboxed - NSFW Artbook

Djinn is a great friend of the Other Side. I feature her art here a lot. She is coming out with her own art book and it should be great.

Not live yet, but please sign up for updates.

Murders at Lorelahc Manor - a mystery campaign for D&D 5e!

Murders at Lorelahc Manor - a mystery campaign for D&D 5e!

This one is also not out yet. But a murder mystery for D&D? Hell yes!

There is also a pre-launch page for it on Backerkit.

Sign up for more details.

And of course, this one!

Thirteen Parsecs

Thirteen Parsecs

Thirteen Parsecs is coming! Please sign up to get notified of our launch of the Backer kit.

We really want this game to be your sci-fi RPG of choice, so help us make that happen.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Wizards of the Coast Print On Demand: The Results, Part 2

I received a few requests for some more pictures of the Shady Dragon Inn.

Here is the spine.  It is Perfect bound. No staples.

Various shots of the text.  It appears the same as the early editions.  Maybe a touch fuzzier, but nothing that I consider a deal breaker.  Barely noticeable in fact.

How can you tell this is a new print versus a really, really well kept original?  This page. This is the same sort of page found in all DriveThru/OneBookShelf/LightningSource books.
Note how the bar code is not an ISBN one.

Hope this helps.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Zatannurday: Zatanna Bishoujo Statue

Once again, I have to give a shout out to my buddy Calvin up at the Cave of Cool for finding this for me.

It is not due out till late September of 2015.  But I am thinking pre-ordering is a good idea.

I noticed there was a Batwoman one as well.  But I can't justify getting two. I can barely justify getting one!  At least there is a good reason for Zatanna to be wearing high-heeled boots; she is a stage performer and this is a costume.  Batwoman should be wearing red combat boots.


Saturday, February 15, 2014

Zatannurday: What a Doll!

The new line up for the Toy Fair 2014 from DC is out.

In addition to some fantastic looking one of Batman and the Batfamily we get a new one to the Bombshell line.

So these have been running about $125.00.

I looks great but they forgot her fishnets.  Given that they had them on Black Canary I think it was a choice.
Still though the smoking rabbit is a nice touch.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Review: XL1 Quest for the Heartstone (D&D Expert Set)

Module XL1 Quest for the Heartstone is an adventure for the D&D Expert set, Mentzer/BECMI version.

Let's be honest and upfront right away.  This is not a great module.   The adventure is widely described as being akin to everyone's first module.  The adventure is your basic "retrieve an item at the end of a dungeon crawl" fare.

The real reason behind this module are the toys.  Specifically the LJN/AD&D toy line.

In fact you can pretty find an entry for every monster in the toy line, save for Tiamat herself.

Now I am not sure if the module was designed to sell toys (not likely since the markets seemed different to me) or rather as way to bridge the lines.  There are references in the module n which toy to use for the encounter and to tell you the truth, it sounds kind of fun.

Reviewing the module again in this light, as an excuse to use the toy line, it actually dawns on me that it would be a blast with the right group.

It should also be said that this module includes the stats for many of the favorite npcs/figures such as Warduke, Kalek and Strongheart, plus a few I didn't even know about.

So viewing the module in this light, is could be quite fun despite it's short comings.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Help a Brother Out? Part 2

So last month I posted about wanting a Dragon Age figure.

Well thanks to +The House of Fun I now have my figure!

Yeah I opened her, I am not a big time collector.  I like them out of the boxes.

Mixing my video games a bit.

Comparing her size to some of my other witches. She is taller than most.

Quite a gathering in the Halliwell's attic.  Wonder what is going on to need all this magical firepower?

House of fun could not have been easier to work with!  Thanks so much.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Help a Brother Out? (aka D is for Dragon Age...)

Not really a D post.

I am though looking for some help.

I would love to get my hands on a Dragon Age Morrigan action figure.

I have checked all the normal places and I am coming up blank.

Now I am NOT looking for someone to give me one!  I want to BUY one.
I am trying to find a place where I don't have to pay $120-$200 for one.  I am even fine with opened.

If you know of anyone selling one that would be fantastic.