Friday, October 21, 2011

Halloween Gift ideas

Need a Halloween gift idea?
What do you mean you don't send gifts for Halloween, of course you need to send gifts for Halloween!

I always buy a new Horror themed RPG for Halloween.  Here are two that qualify.

Conspiracy X,
ConX is a modern horror game of UFOs, aliens and world wide conspiracies.  Like X-Files, Dark Skies and shows like that?  Then this is a great choice!


Spellcraft and Swordplay,
While not a horror game per se, it is a great D&D-like game and is cinematic enough to emulate any Dark Fantasy genre you like.  The game itself grew out of Jason Vey's own Hyborean Age game.


5stonegames said...

I dislike and don't celebrate Halloween, give out candy or any of that stuff . If I ever have kids I'll probably change that.

BTW Con X is a good game. I have read or own all three versions (GURPS, Unisystem and Classic) .

It is a little dated though, very 90's X Files- Art Bell's Dreamland vibe

However it does make a decent enough gift. Can't speak for Grey Elf's work, the basic version seemed pretty good.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

See Halloween is my favorite holiday, I spend months getting ready!

The Happy Whisk said...

Halloween is my absolute favorite. We are scheduled for our yearly Halloween Staycation (not sure if mine will go through with the new job), and every year, we always give gifts.

It's the most fun, ever.

Kele said...

Some people like getting gift but some don't like coz they think it's just an ordinary day.