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Friday, January 12, 2024

Justice League: Crisis On Infinite Earths Part One

 Spend any time here, and you know I am a HUGE fan of the DC Comics event "Crisis on Infinite Earths."  I loved the comic, the DC YV Universe version, and more.

We are finally getting a DC Animated version.

It looks great, and telling it from Flash's point of view makes a lot of sense.  It's on Amazone Prime right now. I might check it out this weekend.

It features Supernatural's Jensen Ackles as Batman and Alexandra Daddario as Lois Lane (sadly not as Zatanna)

I can't wait for the whole trilogy to be released.

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Zatannurday: Lucifer and Constantine on Crisis

A special sort of Zatannurday here today.

This past week we saw the Crisis on Infinite Earths on TV.  Something I have been wanting to see for years.
I got to see a ton of my favorite DC characters in their TV incarnations but two of my favorites are John Constantine (Matt Ryan) and Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis).

The scene was pitch-perfect for the Lucifer show.

Lucifer does his mind trick on Mia and even subtly flirts with John Diggle. It was great.
This small scene makes me want more Lucifer on Legends or John on Lucifer.
Plus I need to learn what the deal was between John and Mazikeen.

Not to be lost in all the devils, gods and Earths going boom we also got Jim Corrigan, aka the Spectre. My prediction: Oliver will become the new Spectre for the Arrow-verse.

Parts 4 and 5 will be out next year. 

Friday, December 6, 2019

Friday Night Video: Crisis on Infinite Earths

Not music videos tonight but the trailers for The CW's Crisis on Infinite Earths five hour crossover that begins on Sunday.

It is no lie or exaggeration that Crisis. the comic. had a HUGE impact on me and my games.  We did our own Crisis of Infinite Oerths back in 1986-87 to bring all our various worlds into alignment.  I am doing something like it again with my Come Endless Darkness campaigns for 5e.

But this is a big one.

So what do we have?


Even the fan-made videos look great!

I have been waiting for this since I was 16.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Crisis on Infinite Earths

This month is the 30th anniversary of the the biggest event in comics history.  Well. At least from my point of view.  In truth if it had not been for 1985's Crisis on Infinite Earths we would not have seen a lot of the big events in comic we have seen over the last 30 years.  That can be good or bad.

Sure Marvel's Secret Wars predates it by almost 6 months, but Crisis was a much bigger deal to me.
At the time I was reading a lot of sci-fi and I loved the idea of alternate Earths, parallel dimensions and all that good stuff.  One of my favorite books from the time was Fredrick Pohl's "The Coming of the Quantum Cats" (1986) and Robert A. Heinlein's "Job, A Comedy of Justice" (1984).

I have always wanted to do my own Crisis-like arc.  Back in the day it wasn't too difficult of a prospect.  Back then we all played in Oerth. Greyhawk was the campaign setting of choice.  The idea was to do a huge Crisis like event and in the end have all of our worlds merged into one.

Later I thought about doing it with different systems; where each Earth was represented by a different game system.

Needless to say it has left a deep imprint in my psyche.

Now in DC we are coming up the new Multiversity.
The optimistic would say it has been all part of a larger super-arc.  The pessimist would say that DC is out of ideas and cashing in on their last good one 30 years ago.

One day I will do a Crisis-like campaign in one of my games.  Maybe something like CoIE where it is a large in scope but limited in duration sort of mini-campaign.

In any case I am sure it would be fun.