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Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Featured Artist: Margaret Brundage

Margaret Brundage
Margaret Brundage is another artist you may not know by name but certainly by her art.  I will go out on a limb and say she was one of the most recognizable artists of the Pulp Era.

Margaret Brundage, born Margaret Hedda Johnson was born December 9, 1900, in Chicago, a place she would call home till her death in 1976.  

She was looking for work when she found  Farnsworth Wright editor of "Oriental Tales" and then "Weird Tales" Brundage would paint covers for both magazines and sign them "M. Brundage" so no one knew it was a woman doing all this art of scantily clad or nude women in peril. 

Her artwork became part of the image of Weird Tales in the 1930s with some authors, Seabury Quinn notably, not only requesting her work but working in scenes of her art into the story.  Others like Clark Ashton Smith and H.P. Lovecraft were less pleased with her work.  But there is no doubt that her covers sold magazines.

Often her covers also had to be toned down for publication.  Her other works were even more risque.

She would go on to do 66 covers for Wierd Tales. Some have gone on to become classics.

Margaret Brundage Weird Tales cover

Margaret Brundage Weird Tales cover

Margaret Brundage Weird Tales cover

Margaret Brundage Weird Tales cover

Margaret Brundage Weird Tales cover

Margaret Brundage Weird Tales cover

Margaret Brundage Weird Tales cover

Margaret Brundage Weird Tales cover

Margaret Brundage Weird Tales cover

Margaret Brundage Weird Tales cover

Margaret Brundage Weird Tales cover

Margaret Brundage Weird Tales cover

Margaret Brundage Weird Tales cover

Margaret Brundage Weird Tales cover


Thursday, September 3, 2020

Featured Artist: Wylie Beckert

I am not going to lie. I am really excited about the new Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything.  One of the things about this book that really grabbed my attention was the cover art of the special edition version of the book.

Dragon+ has a featured article on her now, so please check that out to learn more.

I love her artistic style.  Kind of dream-like.

I'd love to see her do Elric of Melniboné some day.

She is also currently auctioning off the underdrawing for Tasha's Cauldron.

Please check out her links and especially her Patreon and website.


Saturday, August 8, 2020

#RPGaDAY 2020: Day 8 Shade

I was going to do something today on Shadow Elves and the Shadar-kai, but I am going to hold off on that since my son pointed out some more 5e material on them. 

So lets go with another favorite Shade of mine.  Djinn in the Shade.

Djinn is a a very talented artist who loves to draw her D&D characters and others.  
I featured her as a Featured Artist a while back (and I really need to do more of those).   But she is just so much fun I was looking for any excuse to talk about her again.

You can find her on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, but the best place is her Pateron site where she has a lot of art. 

Now a lot of it ranges to the adult to the very adult end of the spectrum, but all of it is so much fun.

I am particularly pleased with all the art she has done for me over the last year or more, including a lot of my iconic witch Larina. 

In fact she rather loves my little witch and has included here in this AWESOME comic where all her patrons of her Pateron site submitted their D&D characters to a pirate cruise, battle, and party afterward.

The battle itself is a little too risque even for my blog! But here are some pieces of it.

To see all the rest you will have to become a patron. Want to join here D&D parties like these? Then absolutely become a patron.

You can find her at:

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Featured Artist: Pamela Colman Smith

Looking to do something a little different this time for my Featured Artist post.

Pamela Colman Smith, aka "Pixie", might the most recognized artist you have never heard of.  Recognized in the sense that you know her work, even if you don't know it belongs to her and she certainly was not recognized in her time for it.

Born February 16, 1878, and died September 18, 1951, at the age of 73 Pixie spent her time among all sorts of artists, Bohemians, Suffragettes, and occultists including members of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn which she would later join.

She produced art for William Butler Yeats and Bram Stoker.

It was while she was a member of the Order of the Golden Dawn she would meet Arthur Edward Waite.  He commissioned her to produce art for a Tarot deck.   Not just the Major Arcana, but all the Lesser Arcana cards as well.

This deck became known as the Rider-Waite Tarot deck after the publisher and the A.E. White.

Pixie's name was never associated with it, until very recently, and she was only paid a flat fee for her work.

In fact, these days many Tarot aficionados who like Pixie's art will opt for the Smith-Waite Tarot deck instead.

Much of her art reflects the esoteric lifestyle she lived. All of it feels like an Art Noveau fever dream from an Authrurian age, or Pagan age, mixed with what Middle Earth must have looked like in Tolkien's minds eye.

She would often do her art while listening to music, allowing her to create without other outside distractions.

And she did covers for Bram Stoker.

The Divine Mystery of Pamela Colman Smith
Reviving a Forgotten Artist of the Occult

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Featured Artist: Silveztra

Today's Featured Artist is another one I found at the D&D Fantasy Art Facebook page AND on Twitter.
Silveztra is a great artist and has such a cool style I knew right away I needed some art from her.

Here she is in her own words.
Hello! I am Silveztra a 24-year-old self-taught freelance artist who is inspired by fantasy characters. I am an avid video gamer, anime watcher, and D&D player! I love drawing both cute characters, the threatening and powerful, monstrosities and also delve a lot in drawing pinups! I mainly draw females. I actually have a four-year degree in applied communications, which may seem useless, but I attribute it to a lot of my success in building my customer basis! In the future, I hope to get more commissions and be part of projects bigger than myself in the gaming, art, and rpg communities.
And here is some of her art!

Of course first up is her Pumpkin Spice Witch version of my OC Larina.  This is going to be the cover of my new Pumpkin Spice Witch Tradition book.

She has a lot more, some NSFW, but all really good.

Check out all her links including her commission rates.  Twitter is her main site, but she has all the usual ones.
Be sure to check her out!

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Featured Artist: Christina "Catilus" Kritikou

It's been a while since I have done a Featured Artist and that is a crime. So to make up for it I want to share some great artists I have found recently.

Up first is Christina "Catilus" Kritikou.

I first found Christina on the D&D Artist Facebook group and I loved her style.  Once I started digging there was even more great stuff out there.

Here is Christina in her manager's words.
Christina Kritikou

Christina Kritikou has been drawing and doodling practically forever. A few years ago, she took the plunge to go pro and recently started doing art fulltime with the brand name/mascot Catilus, one of her fantastic creatures. She prefers to create her sketches with pencil on paper and then use her digital pen to illustrate her works.

Christina loves drawing character portraits and group compositions with strong fantasy and science fiction themes. She is a prolific creator of homebrew D&D content, and some of her D&D items, such as her Cape of Nine Lives and Butter Cookie Tin became really popular across social media (much to her surprise!)

As a lifelong comic lover, Christina has recently launched her own webcomic: INTERSPACE PIRATE XUNA on LINE WEBTOON. About the comic: “Ancient terrors, interspace pirates, a weapon that can wipe out half the galaxy. Can Xuna save mankind and outsmart the ancient Masters while dealing with a ragtag crew of hot guys?”

Christina is very friendly and loves discussing character concepts. Feel free to contact her if you want her to draw something for you, or just feel like chatting with an up-and-coming artist and comic author.

She has some great art.  This is only a small sample.

And some great D&D magic item cards!

I can see all of those in the home of a Halfling Witch!

So check out her art and her Patreon. Maybe commission some character art from her too!