Sunday, October 9, 2011

October Challenge: The Legend of Hell House

After the fiasco over the last few movies (and things going on at home) I opted for a classic late the other night.
Now I'll be honest I often got this movie confused with The Haunting from 1963.  I plan to watch that movie soon and maybe even re-watch the remake from 1999.

The Legend of Hell House (1973)
The early 70s were a boom time for good horror movies. Legend of Hell House is no exception.  For me the sign of quality horror or sci-fi for the 70s means it must feature Roddy McDowall.  He is the star of this one, even if his performance as a medium is a bit understated.
The story is classic really.  Four people need to stay in a haunted house in order to collect some money.  In this case there is the added twist of being able to prove that there is life after death.  In a typical 70s vibe, even the physicist is willing to believe.
The house of course is haunted, and soon everyone is affected in different ways.
What strikes me about this film is house suspenseful it must have been for 73.

I remember seeing this years and years ago, but like I said I often got parts of it and The Haunting confused.  I remember some of the scenes, but not the big reveal at the end.  So that was a nice surprise for me.
Still to be fair I think I'll mark this one as a re-watch even it was 30 years ago when I last saw it.

Tally: 9 movies, 8 new.

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Raige Creations said...

I haven't seen this one, and my kids are so into horror movies, I might have to find this for them....