Mystoerth is my campaign world for my *D&D games.

Back in the day I had learned to play D&D (Basic and Expert) with one group.  When I got to high school, around sophomore year, I joined another group that was playing AD&D 1st ed.   They were very entrenched in Oerth and Greyhawk.  I was similarly entrenched in what was known as the "Known World" back then.
We decided our two worlds were connected by gateways and that worked out fine for a while.

We then attempted to make things simpler, and combine the worlds.  We decided that they had always been like this, there was magic that had prevented people from traveling directly.  Lame, but it worked. And then we drew a map. It was cool, but it had some issues.  And then on my way to college I lost the map.  We had not called it "Mystoerth" either then, only Oerth.

Fast forward many years and I find this map created by Chatdemon online.

It was perfect.  So rarely does something you find on the internet fit so perfectly with an idea you have.  This map is perfect.  It really describes the world I wanted to play in.  The best of Oerth/Greyhawk and the best of Mystara/The Known World.  I added a bit of Blackmoor and I have the only world I ever needed.

Sure it is not 100% original.  I write original material all the time.  Sometimes it is nice to let someone else do the heavy lifting.  Though I have done quite a lot of original work myself now.

This is the world I am currently using in my games with the my kids. The year is 1665 AC (Mystara) or 919 CY (Greyhawk), so plenty of time after the official material.  This lets me break down some civilizations to  run a "Points of Light" style game (4th ed) and have plenty of old ruins to explore.

Physical details

Earth = 24,901 miles (Eratosthenes, 3rd C. BCE)
Mystara = 19,448 miles (Rules Cyclopedia)
Oerth = 26,110 miles (
Mystoerth = 24,000 miles

This makes my world larger than Mystara.  It also gives me (roughly) 2,000 miles "missing" from that map above (splinting the difference and looking at the map in Photoshop).

Here are my posts on the subject.  I'll add more as time goes by.


General Overview
Desert Elves and Orcs
Gypsy Elves

Ærypt and Zakhara
- 4E
- Monks come from Blackmoor Part 1 and Part 2

- Greyhawk Wiki
Greyhawk Grognard
- Beyond the Flanaess: Zindia and the Golden Jungle
Historical Themes of the Flanaess
The Flanaess as European Analogue
- Gamma Hawk (Greyhawk / Gamma World)
- Greyhawk is a mess
Greyhawk Adventures 576 CY
Harvard's Blackmoor Blog's Greyhawk posts
- Greyhawk goes to Blackmoor
Gargaming - Greyhawk Wiki
Brides of Iuz
Anna Meyer is the founder of the Flanaess Geographical Society on Facebook.
- her Map of the Flanaess

Harvard's Blackmoor Blog
- How Blackmoor ended up in Mystara
- The Last Days of Blackmoor
- Blackmoor 2000
Mystara on Facebook
Dreams of the Lich House: Mystara
Paleomap, for maps of Mystara/Ancient Earth
Stocking the Dungeon, chatdemon's original blog for BECMI/Known World.
- Adding GR's Freeport to Mystara
The Classic D&D Campaign Settings part 4: The Known World's Roots
The Come Back Inn, forum for Blackmoor
The Vaults of Pandius
The Newbie's Guide to Mystara
Random Wizard: The Known World vs. Mystara
Interview with Bruce Heard
Armchair Gamer's Mystara/Greyhawk mashup
The “Known World” D&D Setting: A Secret History by Lawrence Schick at Black Gate
More on the Known World by James Mishler
Lawrence Schick Answers Q's on the Original Known World by James Mishler
- Part 2, with some information on Gods, in particular Mitra is mentioned.

Glantri - The lands I spent most of my time.  It gets its own link.
Neopraxis - The Seven Crafts of Magic
Games I'll Never Play - The Great School of Magic
 - Part 1
 - Part 2

James Mishler Games
Came up with the Mystoerth map above

- Issue 1 (pdf)

The Piazza, forums for Old D&D Worlds
The Wasted Lands (for Hyborea stuff)
World of Tesar, similar idea

Different takes on the classic races that I have enjoyed.  May or may not be Mystara or Greyhawk related.

 - Elves in Ganth
 - Elf specific spells
 - Elven Rangers (spells and S&W)
 - White Elves (Snow Elves) for 5e

Saurians, Saurials and other reptile men
 - Saurials from Battleaxes & Beasties

- Orc King of Blackmoor

A world is pointless without adventures to go on.  Here are some alternate takes, in depth analysis and other thoughts on what I consider the classic adventures for my world.

T1 The Village of Hommlet
- Temple of Elemental Evil

B1 Into the Unknown
- Module at
- Alternate map for In Search of the Unknown

B2 Keep on the Borderlands
- Module at
Return to the Caves of Chaos

B3 Palace of the Silver Princess
- Module at

L1 The Secret of Bone Hill
- Module at

X1 The Isle of Dread
- Module at

X2 Castle Amber
- Module at

I6 Ravenloft
- Module at

A0-5 Slave Lords

S1 Tomb of Horrors
- Gearing up for the Tomb of Horrors
- Return to the Tomb
- Return to the Tomb, Part 2
Tomb of Horrors for 4e. Is it REALLY that offensive?
Tomb of Horrors Map Set

S2 White Plume Mountain
White Plume Mountain Dungeon Tiles!
- Grognardia Retrospective: White Plume Mountain
Dragotha's Lair

S3 Expedition to the Barrier Peaks

S4 The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth

WG4 The Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun
- Module at

G 1 2 3, Against the Giants

D1-2, 3 Against the Drow

Q1 Queen of the Demonweb Pits
- How Queen of the Demonweb Pits opened Dungeons & Dragons to the multiverse

CM2 Death's Ride
- Module at

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