Tuesday, October 18, 2011

October Challenge: The Naked Witch (1961)

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Well, this one was out there...taunting me.

The Naked Witch (1961)

This thing makes Manos look like Citizen Kane.  The first 10 or so minutes is an overview of witchcraft as told by an insane Sunday School teacher.  Then we get a narration about this German area of Texas (Luchenbach, Waylon, Willie and the boys are no where to be seen) and a montage of images that look like they stolen form some tourism board film or a demented version of Sound of Music.

Aside:: This might be the most mind numbing movie I have seen this entire challenge.
Aside2: It is a universal truth.  Being evil makes you hotter.

Now in reviews they tell you the college student digs up the witch and she comes back to life.  Well that doesn't happen till half way through the movie.
So yeah there is a witch and she is naked, sort of, but frankly I would have been better off watching an episode of "Charmed" or "The Secret Circle".  The acting and the script would have been a hell of a lot better that's for sure.
Honestly if you want a story about a witch coming back from the dead and walking around naked the whole time then watch Rob Zombie's American Witch.

My wife nearly banned me from the TV because of this one.

Tally 18 movies, 16 new

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