Friday, October 12, 2012

Willow & Tara: Slasher Flick

Willow & Tara for Slasher Flick

It's been a been a while since I stated up my favorite witches for a game.  While reading through Slasher Flick yesterday I could not help but think how well these two would work in a slasher flick like movie or game.

So I am going outside of the the Dragon and the Phoenix canon here and going back to when the girls where young.  Given the universe they don't have a lot of magic.  So this is a geekier, computer expert Willow and a quiet, but has a scary power Tara.  They end up being the Last Girls because our slasher is out cutting up all the male/female couples having sex, but doesn't know what to do about these two.   If Buffy is a slasher flick turned on it's head, then I am turning Buffy on it's head.

Or something like that.

Anyway here are my girls.  Just in time for Halloween. And look it's Friday the 12th. So, not at all like Friday the 13th.

Primary Character
Stereotype: Geek Girl/Computer Nerd

Brawn: Poor
Learned Fighter: Positive

Finesse: Normal

Brains: Good
Analyze Info: Positive
Computers: Positive
Occultism: Positive
Science: Positive

Spirit: Good
Attractive: Positive
Brave: Positive
Impatient: Negative
Prone to Anger: Negative

Special Ability: Versatile (Computers, Science)
Tidbits: In love with Tara
Items: Flashlight, Laptop

Primary Character
Stereotype: Quiet-Shy Girl/Psychic

Brawn: Normal

Finesse: Poor
Learned Fighter: Horse Riding

Brains: Good
Occultism: Positive
Perceptive: Positive
Psychology: Positive

Telekinesis: Positive

Spirit: Good
Attractive: Positive
Socially Awkward: Negative
Willpower: Positive

Special Ability: Psychic Power
Tidbits: In love with Willow
Items: book of magic lore

So they are last ones to survive the film.  They build some sort of trap with Willow's skill and they try to lead our killer into it. Of course he comes in the wrong way and it looks like he has the girls cornered, till Tara pushes him into the trap with her TK.  He dies a horrible death.....or does he!!?!?

My numbers are a little high in the above builds, but that is ok really.


Unknown said...

How cool! =0)

Tim Knight said...

Forgive me if you've already covered this, but have you ever statted Willow & Tara up as OSR/D&D characters (e.g. for S&W or LL?)

Timothy S. Brannan said...

I haven't yet. I should do that sometime.

Pun Isaac said...

It's good to see new Willow and Tara stats.