Thursday, October 11, 2012

October Challenge: Fascination (1979)

Fascination (1979)

You can't blog about horror movies and not do a Jean Rollin movie. I am likely to do more than 1 thanks to the combined magic of the new Redemption collection on Blu-Ray and Amazon Instant Video.

So what do we have here.  Well We have some high society types drinking ox blood in a butchery.  This shifts to a scene of a bunch of thieves and their double cross.  Long story short our double crosser escapes to a house where two servant girls, Franca Maï (Elizabeth) and Rollin mainstay Brigitte Lahaie  (Eva).  They toy with the thief (Mark) a bit. Mess around with each other some, and generally and alternately try to keep him or send him away.

Soon more women show up and it obvious that they are toying with this man and they plan to drink his blood or have sex with him.  Maybe in that order.

The film is very visually appealing and has that dream-like quality I always see in Euro-sleeze/erotics/horror.  There is plenty of exposed female flesh and plenty of blood and a lot of death.

The scene with Lahaie and the scythe is a classic one.

I don't want to ruin the ending of this in case there is anyone out there reading this blog who hasn't seen this (I am guess there is one or two).  But it is an unexpected twist.

The script is somewhat weak and the movie won't win any awards, but the cinematography is great.  Again, very languid, almost surreal really.

I am planning on checking out some more.

Tally: Watched 11, New 9

What are you watching?

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