Saturday, October 13, 2012

Zatannurday: Alouette Cosplay

A while back I featured a pic of a faux Justice League movie that featured Zatanna.

Well I finally tracked down that Cosplayer, Alouette Cosplay, and she has done some more.

Here are some of her DC Heroes. First up, Zatanna

:DC: Sorcery Savant by ~AlouetteCosplay on deviantART

:DC: A League of Their Own by ~AlouetteCosplay on deviantART

And as Black Canary, with an unknown Zatanna

:DC: Fishnet Heroines by *AlouetteCosplay on deviantART

As Catwoman with Poison Ivy,

:DC: Double Team by *AlouetteCosplay on deviantART

As Catwoman again with Harley, Ivy and the Bat.

:DC: The Sirens and The Bat by ~AlouetteCosplay on deviantART

Batwoman (love this one)

:DC: Twice Named by ~AlouetteCosplay on deviantART

And finally Black Canary

:BC: Little Bird by *AlouetteCosplay on deviantART

You can find her on DeviantArt and Facebook.

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