Thursday, October 4, 2012

Rabbit's Foot and other Lucky Charms

Adventurers live a dangerous and sometimes short life.  They are constantly looking for any edge they can fine.  Many spend years questing for even the most minor of magics, others though turn to older magic to aid them.  For these characters these older, simpler magics provide them with the edge they need.

Many times these minor talismans can be purchased, but more often than not they are nothing more than a gaff or a non-magical variety.  Unfortunely these items posses such minor magics that they are difficult to detect with the use of the standard Detect Magic spell.

4-Leaf Clover
These naturally occurring, but rare variety of the common three-leaf clover provide a minor luck bonus.
Once per day it can provide a  +1 bonus to any roll the player makes.  The player must state this intent before the roll is made.  The clover can be used 4 to 7 (1d4+3) times before it becomes inert.
GMs have to decide how rare these are but typically a roll of "00" on a percentile die.

Horse Shoe
If blessed by any priest or cleric (not necessarily by a Bless spell), this item gives the processor a +1 to all rolls (attacks and saves) vs. Fae folk.  This includes all sorts of nymphs, pixies, dryads and even elves.  It is not effective in the hands of an elf or those with elfish blood.

Rabbit's Foot
A specially prepared left hind foot of a white rabbit killed during a full moon and enchanted by a witch using her Create Talisman power (or feat).   This item provides a +1 to anyone one type of roll per day.  So in one 24 hour period it can add +1 to an attack, +1 to a save, +1 to damage and so on.
Witches cannot use these items themselves.

Lucky Copper
Adventurers can be a superstitious lot.  One of the more common ones is to keep the first copper piece from their first treasure hoard. If they do they gain a +1 to any roll till they gain their next treasure.  The +1 can only be used once.

OGL statement Section 15 "Lucky Charms.  2012 Timothy S. Brannan"

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