Saturday, October 6, 2012

October Challenge: The Omen (2006)

The Omen (2006)

Generally speaking remakes of horror movies are not very good.  Every so often you get one that is better than the original.  The Omen (2006) is not really any better, but it looks better and it is certainly better acted.
The original Omen I watched as a kid and it was goofy fun with the Anti-Christ.  But a lot of the movie was very stiff.  The new Omen is a better movie, even if the story is exactly the same (give or take).

Famously released on 06-06-06, I remember the ads for this one well.  Fitting for my 6th movie.
The best I can say about this is that I like Julia Stiles a lot better in this one.  Pete Postlethwaite did a good job as Brennan and did (I'll admit) a better job than Patrick Troughton who I have said before was the best actor in the Original Omen.

If you know the original story you know this one.  Thankfully we were spared the sequels that followed.

Tally: Watched 6, New 5

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