Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Faith: The Last Witch

Faith Scott, the Last Witch

Faith is the “Last Witch” of the newest book from Elizabeth Kolodziej’s “The Last Witch” Series.  The most recent book Witch Devotions (the 3rd) is out now.

I have read the first book and I enjoyed it. I also have the second, but have not read it all yet, the third one is just now out.

Faith is an interesting character and I enjoyed watching her growth throughout the first book and the bits I have picked up in the next two.  She is still young and kind of naïve, but learning more.

So what do we know about Faith?  Well she is new to her magic, but comes from a long line of powerful witches, so her power has the potential to be quite powerful.  She does have a family spell book, a Book of Shadows in one of my games. But while most of the witches in Faith’s line learned while they are growing up, Faith didn’t have that advantage.  She did learn later on from an instructor.

According to the author, Faith resembles an Earth Witch. So she is quite adept at making potions, charms, herb use and healing.  She also has a number of elemental based powers; power that help her innate abilities.  It was this description of her that got me thinking that Faith would work great as a witch in one of my games (though my games have plenty of witches in them; no ‘last witch’ in sight!) She can use her magic to increase her speed or strength.  Not quite at the level of a vampire, but more than a mundane human.

We know Faith can manipulate energies, but I saw that more of an ability rather than a spell.  Since she also has other innate powers I was thinking she might be a good fit for “WitchCraft” or even the “Buffy” RPGs.

Faith, like a lot of other types of witches, can live a very long time, maybe even hundreds of years.  This is also in line with most of my games.

So here is Faith, The Last Witch in Ghosts of Albion/WitchCraft RPG stats.

Faith Scott (played by Isla Fisher in the game)
Motivation: To learn as much about her power/herself as she can

Attributes: Strength 2 (7 with magic), Dexterity 3 (8 with magic), Constitution 2 (7 with magic), Intelligence 5, Perception 6, Willpower 5

Life Points: 35 (75 with magic)
Drama Points: 15

Qualities & Drawbacks: Adversaries (various) 2, Attractiveness +2, Contacts (Supernatural) 1, Hard to Kill 3, Honorable, Love (Trent), Magic 5, Magic Family, Magical Philosophy Earth/Elementalism (closest game wise), Nerves of Steel, Obligation, Occult Library (Fine), Secret (She's a witch who belongs to a powerful magical family), Supernatural Senses (Basic and the Sight), Telekinesis,

Useful Information
Actions: 1/2 or 2/2
Perception: 1d10 + 11
Lesser Sensing: +16
Endurance Points: 32 (62 with magic)
Essence Points: 25 (using Magic squared)
Speed: 10 (30 with magic)

Acrobatics 2
Art 1
Computers 1
Crime 1
Doctor 1
Driving 0
Getting Medieval 2
Gun Fu 0
Influence 3
Knowledge 5
Kung Fu/Fisticuffs 2
Languages 1 (English)
Notice 5
Occultism 5 (still learning, but has picked up a lot in the first two books)
Science 1
Sports 1

Name Score Damage Notes
Punch +5 or +10 4 or 14 Bash
Kick +3 or +13 8 or 18 Bash
Dodge +2 or +7 - Block
Grapple +4 or +9 - Blocked by Dodge
Magic +15 Special Varies by Spell
- Deflect +15 - Deflects magic

The extra pluses are from her Magic boost.

Given her role in the books I debate on whether or not to give her “Chosen One” from Army of Darkness.  In the end, I figured that she wasn’t quite up to that level just yet; maybe in the new book.

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