Thursday, October 11, 2012

TBBYANR: Beyond the Pale Gate

I was reading a post over at Pork's Expanse! about taking this time during a lull (lull? what lull I am blogging my tail off over here!) in blog posts to read or find a blog you don't often read.

Frankly I think that is a brilliant idea. There are a lot of quality blogs out there waiting to be read.

So to that end I wanted to revive an old favorite feature of the Other Side, "The Best Blog You Are Not Reading"

The idea behind TBBYANR is simple. Find a blog in my blog roll that has under 40 followers and let you all know about it.  Why 40?  Because back in the early days I languished at 40 followers forever.  While I was appreciative of every single one (and still am) sometimes it felt I was talking to myself.

Today's TBBYANR is Beyond the Pale Gate
Very much an oldschool blog, focusing on the OSR.
The author's (David) style is self-described as train of thought, but that is fine with me.

What really made choose this one was his recent post on Copyleft,
I don't totally agree with him on all points, but I agree with what he is saying in principle.   Plus my current "game" computer is running Linux now as well so I can relate.

I also liked the fact that despite his self professed Old School leanings he professed to really enjoying the Pathfinder Basic Box,

And he likes Jimi Hendrix! So that is always a plus in my book.

If I had one complaint it is the background to his blog. It looks awesome, but it makes it difficult to read some of the posts.
ETA: He has changed that and it is much easier to read!  My old eyes are thankful.

So please. Check this blog out and if you do, drop David a note and let him know what you like about his blog.

If you have a blog that you think would be be good for TBBYANR, let me know!


Trey said...

Good feature. The blogosphere is so big is hard to find all the goodstuff on one's own.

Tim Knight said...

Thanks, Tim. That was a new blog for me and a great read. Cheers!

David said...

Thanks for the shout, Tim. I worked that background up myself with GIMP (even took the pics of the elements myself, including my very own dice). I guess that put me a little too close to the project, though, cause I never saw the flaw in it. Thanks for the input. I'll fix it and maybe get over that "40" hump!

Timothy S. Brannan said...


You don't have to change the background, just make your text area less transparent. For example, mine is white. Dull, yes, but easy to read.

Great job on the site! I hope others get to check you out today.

Anthony Simeone said...

Great idea, I'm going to run with this!

Porky said...

A great idea for sure. Just an occasional feature like this, or every chance taken to mention a lesser-known blog, that's plenty, especially if we're all doing it. Good choice too, for that mix of readers.