Thursday, October 18, 2012

October Challenge: Children of the Corn (2009)

Children of the Corn (2009)

Caught this on the Sci-Fi channel recently.  I have not watched the Sci-Fi (or SyFy) is years, but I'll get to that.

This is a remake of the original 1984 film (which I enjoyed) and the Stephen King short story (which I also enjoyed).  If anything this movie does cleave closer to the original story than the 84 movie did.  There are no overt demons and in some ways that almost makes the movie creepier.

This movie though has it's own problems.  Despite the issues with the first movie this one will always come up short compared to it.  There is no "He's waiting for you Malachi!" moment here.
The other is that our protagonists are completely unlikable. Don't get me wrong, Kandyse McClure is very easy on the eyes, but her character is so annoying.  In fact the only character you can related to in this is Malachi's pregnant girlfriend.

I give it a plus for adhering better to the source material but many minuses for poor execution.  My wife, who grew up in the country, though has a deeper issue with it.  She loved the first, but wants to know why city people are so afraid of the country.  I didn't have a good answer for her.

In other concerns, WYF happened to the SciFi Channel??

Once upon time you catch a decent enough movie (to be fair CotC was not bad, just not great) and some good sci-fi or horror related TV shows.  Now it is all "reality" based ghost hunters, terrible movies and Wrestling??

Tally: Watched 21, New 16

What are you watching?

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