Saturday, October 20, 2012

October Challenge: Girl vs. Monster (2012)

Girl vs. Monster (2012)

So I was not originally going to count this one till my wife pointed out that it is actually better and scarier than  some of the other movies I have forced her to watch with me.  This one was obviously my kids' choice but it turns out it is kinda fun.  There are homages to Buffy, Ghostbusters (lots), and Beetlejuice in this.

Skylar, a fearless teen discovers near her 16th birthday that she is a 5th generation monster hunter. Not a bad premise really. Her mom and dad have a Steampunk-looking Ghostsbusters like lab. Where they keep all the ghosts, vapors and spooks they catch.

The special effects are not bad. Not great mind you, but not bad.  The message is not a bad one either; you are going to have fears, but they don't have to control you.

From my point of view it would make a cool game for kids.  I can certainly see Disney doing a sequel to this one.

I'll count this one as a horror movie, but I am going to have watch something scarier soon.

Tally: Watched 23, New 18

What are you watching?

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