Friday, October 12, 2012

October Challenge: Dark Shadows (2012)

Dark Shadows (2012)

I was eagerly anticipating the new Dark Shadows from Tim Burton and Johnny Depp.  Well tonight, thanks once again to the magic of OnDemand I was finally able to catch it.

Well. I liked it, but not as much as I wanted to to like it.  Depp is brilliant as always and Helena Bonham Carter is there too, this time with an American accent (loved it).  Chloë Grace Moretz is here as well and way under used.  Same as Michelle Michelle Pfeiffer.

If you don't know the background to Dark Shadows, over watched the old show, then there are some things that will be lost on you, but the film was still fun. Eva Green was surprisingly good as Angelique.  But the movie lacked a real conflict and climax.  I felt like they were trying to cram as much from the series as they could into a two hour movie.

The movie was fun, but it is really stretching the definition of horror for this.  I am including it because I was such a fan of the original series.

Tally: Watched 12, New 10

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Laura said...

I liked it, but not as much as I wanted to to like it. Exactly how I felt about it. I think the cardinal rule to doing camp is to do it straight. The comedy can grow organically from that, but the instant you start to mug or wink at your own schlocky cuteness, you lose anything genuinely scary or cool about it. This was fun for what it was, but the script and editing was just too off for me to consider it a wild success.

M.J. Fifield said...

I wanted to see this movie because I am a huge fan of the Johnny Depp/ Tim Burton combination. Haven't gotten around to it yet but it'll be on my Netflix list.