Thursday, November 8, 2012

Mega Review: Class Acts

I picked up a bunch of Abandon Arts' Class Act books.  Each is just under a buck and offers some additional features for the Pathfinder classes.

In almost every case the books are 4-5 pages with 1 page for the cover, 1 page for the OGL and the rest the bulk of the new class material.  There is no art, but really it doesn't need any.  Perfect for under a buck really. Also in nearly every case these are for the die-hard fans of the classes.

In all cases if there is a class you like get the "Class Acts" for it and the "Archetypes".

Class Acts: Alchemists
4 pages. 18 new alchemical discoveries, 3 of which are grand discoveries.

Class Acts: Alchemist Archetypes
4 pages. 1 page for cover, 1 for OGL.  The rest covers four different Alchemist archetypes.

Class Acts: Barbarians
4 pages. 32 new rage powers. They look good, but Barbarians are just not my thing.

Class Acts: Barbarian Archetypes
4 pages. Three archetypes.  Favorite is the Viking Marauder   It might not really be historically accurate  but it does look fun.

Class Acts: Clerics
5 pages. At this point in the evolution of the 3.x rules we have covered every domain out there.  This book then presents 18 new sub-domains.  Some of the powers of the cleric are swapped out for other powers.  Of course these could be used as alternate Domains.

Class Acts: Cleric Archetypes
4 pages. Clerics historically have lended themselves well to different archetypes. Only two new archetypes here, but they are rather good.  I like the Voodoo priest in particular in fact. In addition to the archetype there is some great domains associated with the Voodoo Loa.  There is some really nice crossover with the Witch here.

Class Acts: Druids
5pages. A dozen new Druid Animal domains. could work with clerics too.

Class Acts: Druid Archetypes
4 pages. Three new druid archetypes. Of the three the Faeriethrall looks the most interesting to me.

Class Acts: Fighters
5 pages. Cover a lot of new combat feats for fighters of all sorts. Useful for other classes too.

Class Acts: Fighter Archetypes
4 pages, 3 new archetypes. I think these would also work well for Paladins, Cavaliers or any other class to be truthful.

Class Acts: Gunslingers
5 pages and 18 new "Grit" feats.  I like the idea of how this works, I am just not sure if I am a fan of Gunslingers in general.  But that is nothing against this product.

Class Acts: Magi
4 pages.  This one has 32 new Magi Arcana. All of them look very useful and could even work as other power for other classes.

Class Acts: Magus Archetypes
4 pages, 3 new archetypes. Of the three I like the Magus Mysterion the best. Lots of potential for this archetype if you really enjoy roleplaying your characters.

Class Acts: Monks
4 pages.  This one has 18 new style feats in 6 feat trees of the styles. Great if you are playing a monk.

Class Acts: Monk Archetypes
4 pages.  Only 2 archetypes here, but very complete.

Class Acts: Oracles
5 pages. This one includes new curses and new mysteries and revelations.  A lot of good material here really and needed for this class.

Class Acts: Oracle Archetypes
4 pages.  Four new archetypes for the Oracle.  This class could use some more archetypes to be honest, so this is a good addition.  I like the Oracular Opiate, I would love to make one of these for a game except play him as sort of this Rastafarian-like dude.

Class Acts: Rangers
5 pages. Three new combat styles and a bunch of new feats.  Great collection for fans of Rangers.

Class Acts: Ranger Archetypes
4 pages. Three new archetypes. All are variations on a theme, but they work well.

Class Acts: Rogues
4 pages.  32 new Rogue talents and advanced rogue talents (7).  Great if you enjoy playing rogues and looking to expand an already very expandable class.

Class Acts: Rogue Archetypes
4 pages. 4 new archetypes for rogues.  The Urban Stalker and the Lookout might actually be complete diametrically opposed to each other and still be based on the same class.

Class Acts: Witches
4 pages. Obviously one I am very interested in.  This one has 18 new witch Hexes.  All of them look good and I'd love to try them all out.  Scrying Cauldron is one of my favorites, very witchy.

Class Acts: Witch Archetypes
4 pages. Three new archetypes. The Desert Witch is a very neat one and one I need to try out sometime.  I even have a great name picked out.  The Grisly Fetishist is very cool and familiar ground as is the Maleficium.  All three are good and look like great fun.

Class Acts: Wizards
4 pages. 32 new Arcane discoveries. I haven't played a PF Wizard, but these look fine to me.  Certainly a lot of varieties of powers.

Class Acts: Wizard Archetypes
4 pages.  Two new Archetypes. Not much in the way of new ground here though.  Animist is new-ish and the Guild Scholar has been done in the past.  Would have liked to have seen more I think.

So many of these I would love to try out.

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