Monday, November 12, 2012

Blast from the Past: Sun Priest

I was cruising around the blogs today and I discovered a link to a old Netbook released back in 1998.

Back then the members of the online mailing list ADND-L got together and collaborated on a netbook of new material for the then reigning edition of D&D, AD&D 2nd Ed.  They took their project one step further and had an introduction written by none other than Gary Gygax himself.

The book was called "Unearthed Arcania" (note the spelling).
You can grab a copy here:
or here: (zipped Word 97  format).

One of the contributors was none other than yours truly.
My contribution was a new Priest "Kit" (read sub-class), the Sun Priest.

The Sun Priest shares some DNA with the Witch.  As I was working on the Witch class I also had plenty of research and material left over.  I also created a Healer class, a Necromancer variant and the Sun Priest.

I think I should update it someday for either Basic Era (BFRPG, LL) or Advanced Era (OSRIC, LL-AE) play.

I had mentioned my Sun Priests very, very briefly before.   I think it might be fun to revisit the class with 14+ more years of perspective.

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