Thursday, November 8, 2012

Random Pre-Coffee Thoughts

Still thinking through some of my ideas for Ordinary World.  I did not get to go over all my notes for the various games I have laying around though.

Swords & Wizardry was mentioned as a contender for the rule set and that idea has merits.  I am also still looking into Labyrinth Lord as well.  Regardless what system I use I think I want to have it use a compatibility logo.  I did not do that with the Witch because I wanted the broadest appeal and frankly to make it work with ALL the games I had to make some assumptions and changes.  So while it works great (in my playtests) with BFRPG, LL, S&W and the original game, it is not beholden to any one of those.

Rob Conley over at Bat in the Attic has posted link to all the current "big" SRDs for playing various d20 and OSR games.

The S&W one is new to me, so thanks Rob for pointing it out.

This got me thinking.
Would you like to see a S&W version of The Witch?

It would be stripped down to just the class and spells.  Maybe some magic items.
I would include notes on making covens, but I think my goal needs to be 20 pages.
I would include a new Tradition to make it have some value above what you already have from The Witch or Eldritch Witchery.  The Witch has five traditions plus the Eclectic, EW also has five traditions (only 1 that is the same) and five Warlock lodges.  So that is 15 so far.  I am going to do a web freebie when EW comes out for a new total of 16.

I'd like to aim it at $1.50.  Though to be honest I have paid a buck for classes in the past and have gotten about 4 pages.  I am going to struggle to keep this one under 20 pages.

What do you think?

Edited to add: I suppose I could also do a Free one that did not include any new spells, just the class, a new tradition (that is important to me), some Occult powers and some art.
Weigh in on that as well.

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