Monday, November 26, 2012

Edition Neutral? Curiouser and curiouser...

There is another new product that appeared on Amazon's list of upcoming products for D&D.
Called "Storm Over Baldur's Gate" it is being touted by some as "Edition Neutral".

I don't see it in the list of upcoming products over at WotC's site,, so it is hard to know what it is just yet.

If so this is another interesting shift in the future of WotC's handling of the D&D brand.


Unknown said...

I suspect it is only for product until 5E hits shelves. Or it is a test to see if such generic material will sell.

Kevin said...

At DDXP, WotC reps stated that future products would be released with an eye toward being easier to use with future edition(s). I am guessing that is the source of the impression that this will be an edition neutral product. With Next (or whatever name it goes by in 2014) being 20 months out, it is hard to say what is coming. 4e content has slowed considerably, that is largely without disupute.