Thursday, November 15, 2012

Amazing Adventures!

I picked up Amazing Adventures at this past Gen Con and I have been having some fun with it.

Despite my fondness of Victorian and Modern games I am not a big "Pulp" gamer.  I am however a new(ish) big fan of Castles and Crusades.

I have had this idea of mixing the games for some time now.  AA has a lot of features I like.  For example I like the idea of some mad science in my "D&D" like worlds.  I like the AA sorcerers as well since they save the effort of coming up with a lot of new magic types (which I enjoy, but is time consuming).

I also like that one of "my" favorite house rules is now part of the game.  Instead of the 12/18 split for primes for CBs AA has a flat CB of 15 with bonuses (and this gives it more of a cinematic feel in my mind).

This gives me the feel of a more pulpy-cinematic style C&C game.  I mean that is how I played it in the 80s anyway, fresh out of Raiders of the Lost Ark!

Has anyone else picked this up?
Are you using it, mixing it with C&C or any other game?



R.J. Thompson said...

C&C is my go to game at present. This will soon be on it's way.

Pun Isaac said...

I've never played C&C though I have a few random books that I've picked up on clearence at Half Price Books.

StevenWarble said...

I preordered this due to my love of pulp games, and I like what I've read so far... except that I really dislike the Gumshoe class as presented here. It just does not fit what I consider a Gumshoe to be.