Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Grognardia Book Shelf Meme

James over at Grognardia wants to start a bookshelf meme.  What the hell.  Here are the books in my shelves that I go to most often.

Victorian Age games.

One of my D&D shelves; core rules from 0e to 4e, plus Pathfinder. Circa July, 2012.
Below are binders of characters, bottom right is my son's shelf.

More Character sheets.  Though the tabbed binder in backwards contains various OSR PDFs that I printed.

Various horror anthologies with witch minis.

Another view of the horror short stories, you can also see various d20 horror games I am reading currently below.  The White Box is the special Edition of Spellcraft and Swordplay.

Current research books for The Witch.  4e below that and various demon and devil minis above.

Another organization of my upper D&D shelves.

And of course...

My Eden/Horror shelves.  I have other horror games, but these are the ones I am playing/reading now.

And my witches meeting up in the Charmed Ones' attic in San Fran.  Zatanna is showing off by floating.

The large red book came from an AD&D Action figure, I thought it had belonged to Kelek, but I can't seem to find it online.

I don't have any pictures of my Sci-Fi/Doctor Who/Star Trek shelves.  You might recall from this post that all my superhero games have been sent to the lower shelves along with BESM, White Wolf games and other modern and non-horror games.

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