Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween Hangover

Well.  That was the most postings I have ever done in one month.
 Please don't expect that for November!

I doubled my normal abut of visits and page hits and I added about 20 new followers. I also discovered a bunch of new sites and blogs, so that is always welcome to me.

The Witch is selling rather well and I am pleased with the sales.  I never expected it to sell thousands of units; it's a niche product inside a niche market for another niche set of rules.  There are only so many ways to cut up this pie.

I have a few WIPs on my harddrive.  A couple for another publisher, my son's dragon book and a couple of others that people have told me will never sell because they are too "out there".  I will share more about those in the next few weeks.  Gotta see how they shake out.  Maybe I will release them for free.

I still have a desire to write a modern-supernatural game even though I well know the market is flooded with them.

I also have a number of reviews I am really behind on.  Have to get those done too.


HitAdjacentAlly said...

Know what there isn't a flood of? Modern supernatural genre with old school rules! I've been tinkering myself with something like this, but haven't made any progress. Would love to see it. "D20 Modern" but Basic era rules.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

I have 2a WiPs now. Maybe I can merge them into one larger and better project.

Justin S. Davis said...

I hear you, my man. Even though I worked on my October entries since literally November 1st of 2011, it was exhausting fine-tuning them, and scrambling to finish ones that just didn't "click" until the last minute.

Oh, yeah...I just bought The Witch PDF. Meant to do it sooner, but got distracted. Can't wait to check it out!

F. Douglas Wall said...

Don't worry about being too "out there." That's where the fun stuff happens.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

I am in a meeting all day, but i think I have successfully combined two projects I have been toying with. One, under the working name of "Monster Mash" was an OSR project. The other, called "Ordinary World", is a modern supernatual game.

I think I found a good Rosetta Stone.