Tuesday, March 10, 2015

12 Nutty Dungeons & Dragons Media Mentions From the 1980s

This was making the rounds on social media last week.


My favorite is #4 which happened in the same neck of the woods where I grew up.

While it is fun to laugh at these now people took this stuff very seriously in the 80s.  I am not sure if anyone still thinks like this, but then again old Pat Robertson of the 700 club is still around.

Not for the first or the last time I wish I had documented this time and the Satanic Panic a little better. I know there were these things going on in my home town, a small town in Central Illinois, but I managed to avoid it for the most part.

I just need 3 more souls and then the Dungeon Master will make me 10th level!

And in what can be described a wonderful irony...the 4th Edition D&D Demonicon was released on PDF just a bit ago.  One of my favorite 4e books.

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