Saturday, March 14, 2015

Zatannurday: Cosplay Special

There is this new article up and I am not sure how legitimate it is. But it talks about how PAX is banning Booth Babes and how cosplayers could be next.

I never have understood what the backlash is against cosplayers.  But the thing that confuses me the most is the "fake geek girl" argument.  As if anyone who spends 100s of hours and 100s of dollars on a costume they wear only a few times a year (and many have a lot more than one) are somehow less geeky that anyone else.  We as geeks need to be more welcoming to geeks of all sorts.

Anyway here are some great Zatanna cosplays.

harley quinn, zatanna, catwoman, batgirl by SafiraOril on DeviantArt

Zatanna cosplay by litavh on DeviantArt

Zatanna Zatara by Shmuberry on DeviantArt

Zatanna Zatara by Shmuberry on DeviantArt

DC-Zatanna-For my next trick by astachan on DeviantArt

Raven and Zatanna by BlueWolfWazzu on DeviantArt

Zatanna Cosplay v2 by platypa on DeviantArt

Zatanna 1 by Mistress-Zelda on DeviantArt

Zatanna Cosplay v1 by platypa on DeviantArt

WW Comic Con Indianapolis 2015 Zatanna by SirKirkules on DeviantArt

Bombshell Zatanna by megsnow on DeviantArt

Erin Lei is Zatanna Zatara by RedStarCosplay on DeviantArt

Zatanna (DC Comics) - Riddletmr@Cosday 2014 by BennyCosplayPhotos on DeviantArt

Zatanna Zatara by Cxit on DeviantArt

Zatanna by J-Jerichon on DeviantArt

Zatanna and Robin by Mickie0904 on DeviantArt

(ALA) Anime Los Angeles 2014 - 56 by Ciciulla on DeviantArt

Do You Believe in Magic? by BatMarkandRobin on DeviantArt



Jeff said...

Having read the article, it just comes off as linkbait. It put what they say "could" be next in the same quote box as the real quote from the policy. The whole "It could be YOU NEXT!" thing is pure paranoid speculation. I would guess that it is written to be glossed over by the people that don't actually read articles.

And, the policy is a reasonable one, looking at it. It not only does not discourage cosplay, it in fact encourages it. Further, this has nothing to do with attendees, but with exhibitors. In more vulgar terms, "If you're gonna pimp your stuff, don't do it with ho's".

Kevin S. said...

Jeff is right. The article is from a GamerGate-related site and appears to be written by a guy whose main concern is complaining about how feminists are ruining his life.

The hilarious thing is that he rants about the idea of feminists advocating for a cosplay ban, but the only thing I've ever seen feminists say about it is that "[sexy] cosplay is not consent." In other words, they've been trying to gain women the freedom to cosplay without harassment, including the "fake geek girl" crap.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

That is good to know. I have been trying to avoid GG as much as possible.

Cross Planes said...

Its expensive to set up at Cons and one ploy to help mitigate that is "booth babes", why is this now taboo? As a retailer, I prefer setting up an attractive booth, but when did this become a thing?

It feels to me that there is some kind of war on what we are supposed to think.

I won't lie, I like titilation. I also find Red Sonja's attire ridiculous. I'm honestly curious what is going on at gaming con's to create all of these rules?

Nathan Irving said...

Gotta agree with Jeff; it reads as clickbait. The article makes a real stretch to get from boothbabes to cosplayers, and it's a pretty smarmy stretch.

That said, I think cosplayers are just a valid a form of geekery as anything else. I spend hours rolling dice, you spend hours sewing clothes. The only difference is, you can actually earn a living. :/