Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Night Videos: Friday the 13th

Welcome to a special Friday the 13th Friday Night Videos!

Let's talk about superstitions, bad luck and bad mojo tonight!

Writing about witches and magic I like to include superstitions in my games and have my characters follow them.  Gives a little color to the character and separates them from the other characters a bit more.

First up is the one and only Stevie Wonder.
I will be honest, I LOVE Stevie Wonder. For Once in My Life, My Cherie Amour, Talking Book, Songs in the Key of Life, these are some of my favorite albums. One of the best songs from Talking Book is Superstition.

If you can find a harder case than Mike Ness then you are likely talking about Johnny Cash.  Sometimes I think he wallows in self-pity but Social Distortion's Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell is still a hell of an album. And it gave us this song, Bad Luck.

Cream is a group that really had a influence on my writing.  I don't know why, it's just something about their blues infused rock and psychedelica that really spoke to me in the 80s.  Plus Eric Clapton is God. Let's just all be honest here.   This is one of their bluesier recordings, Albert King's Born Under a Bad Sign.

Pete Yorn's Ever Fallen In Love Someone was part of my Sojourn in Hell soundtrack and thus was on constant play while I was working on Buffy and Ghosts of Albion.  It also struck me as a "bad luck" song.

Here is something. I LOVE the Police. Really. I have seen them in concert, seen Sting something like 6-7 times. Yeah I am weird like that.  But what is weirder is how much some of my own writing from the 80s has obvious and fairly overt influences from the Police.
Here is an older one, from Reggata d'Blanc and written by drummer Stewart Copeland, On Any Other Day.  This was my favorite album for the longest time.

Expect a Police night one night.

Another really influential album on my formative years was Who's Next.  Here is John Entwistle having a really bad day in My Wife.

Another influence on my writing (but not so much on my playing) was Frank Zappa.  I might do a Frank Zappa night, but until then here is his son Dweezil (who is really cool, met him years ago) and the title track to the most under rated album from 1986, Having a Bad Day.

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