Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Return of Blue Rose

Green Ronin has announced the return of Blue rose for the AGE system.

And as you can imagine there are posting of varying degrees of interest.

I am on the record many times over on the side of liking Blue Rose. I liked the idea, I liked the play and I liked the system.  Sure I ended up doing some very different things with it, but there was something there that I really enjoyed and never quite understood why the masses hated it so.

I have seen some people complaining about this new game and others praising it.

Currently I am in a "discussion" with RPGPundit. His stance is that most people praising it have never played it.  I take something of the contrary position: most people that criticize it have never played it.  We might be the exceptions to each other's claims, but I do stand by mine.

Here are my thoughts.  While I get why they want to use AGE (and it might even be a great fit) I am going to miss True20.

I hope that Green Ronin puts more support into this version of Blue Rose.  There Dragon Age products are very nice, but as a licenced product they can only go so far with it.  Blue Rose gives them a campaign background and a world to play in.

You can still find all the True20 versions of the books on DriveThruRPG

I hope Green Ronin does not pull these.  I still hope against hope that the True20 system will resurge one day.


Unknown said...

True20 is dead. It lost the post 3E battle to Pathfinder. There is simply not enough interest to sustain it as a system.

That said, I liked the setting for Blue Rose. I don't see them removing the True20 versions but I also don't see them ever doing anymore True20 material.

Cross Planes said...

I'm glad to see them using AGE, because in many ways they were the first major publisher in decades to bring back a beginner box. Sadly, their license really limited their ability to role with the momentum and allowed Pathfinder's Beginner Box and DnD 5th Edition to pull back ahead of them.

Anathemata said...

I also presume the end of True20, which really had a lot of untapped potential, despite the swing of the pendulum towards the Pathfinder style of 3.5. I would wish that they'd take a minute and revamp the True20 system for generic release again (maybe remove some of the fiddly bits and streamline the core), but sadly, the build-your-own-class system didn't seem to catch on. Oh well.