Thursday, December 8, 2011

You are playing what??!

I am sitting here.  Avoiding work. Starring lovingly at my stack of DC Heroes books and wondering why I don't have more of them.

This got me thinking.  What games are you all playing that you don't think anyone outside of your group is still playing?

For me it's True 20.  I still like it.
I'd love to get a good Superhero game going again; Silver Age Sentinels would be cool, V&V, DC Heroes, I am not picky.

What are you all playing that you are sure no one else is?


christian said...

I don;t think anyone is LA is playing in the World of Darkness. It's all 4e/Pathfinder all the time.

James said...

My Birmingham Meet-up group plays a lot of Chaosium's Basic Role-playing. The big yellow book.

I'm usually running OSR flavored D&D in the next room, though. :)

PlanetNiles said...

In my most deranged moments I consider running a sandbox with Dangerous Journeys. Not the 'basic' ruleset either. I think have the complete set of books on my shelves.

Anonymous said...

Not that I am running anything at the moment, but I've been heavily considering running Elfquest, Arcana Unearthed, Iron Heroes, or some other crazy thing.

I so need to get a new group together.