Thursday, December 22, 2011

First Day of Winter, celebrate with Ice

Since today is the first day of Winter I'd thought I'd celebrate with something for my oldest son. Here is one of his favorite super-heroes, Ice.

I have always liked Ice.  Like Tara I felt she was totally shafted; killed just make a point that was soon forgotten.  I am glad she is back in the comics now.

Ice Wallpaper by ~Ziggyman on deviantART

Cool as Ice by *SebbyWhite on deviantART

Riddle1 Ice by *AmericanNinjaX on deviantART

Cold as Ice by *eisu on deviantART

Ice by *olivernome on deviantART

Ice by ~Dani-V on deviantART

Ice by ~ArtNerdEm on deviantART


April Plummer said...

I am not big on winter. Or ice. :) But those were cool pictures, and it's an appropriate way to celebrate the beginning of the season! I prefer to celebrate by thinking about spring.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

You are with my wife on that one!

I think I'll post my son's other favorite super hero, Fire, on the Summer Solstice.