Thursday, December 1, 2011

Baba Yaga's Hut

It has been a cornucopia of witchy goodness from Wizards of the Coast over the last month or so.

First we get a new Witch class which I have to admit I rather like and one that works well with the older material. We also got a version of Baba Yaga, and now we get her infamous hut too as a new adventure.
I'll have to print it out and see how it compares with versions from the past.

I think WotC did a good job of integrating this version of Baba Yaga and the Dancing Hut into the D&D4 Feywild.

My only gripe.  It's supposed to be chicken legs.

BTW: Still coming up with some background on Father Nyaga.  I know he was someone important in Baba Yaga's life many, many years ago.  And I have settled on the fact that he is good, or at least not-evil.

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