Friday, December 23, 2011

What are you getting this year?

To all the good little boys and girls (and to the bad ones too!) what are you getting for Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Solstice/Yule/Festivus this year?

I am hoping for The Dresden Files RPG in print and maybe some fudge dice to go with it.
I'd also like one of then Kim Harrison books.
But mostly I am hoping for some time to do some gaming with my kids.  That would be best of all.

What are you all hoping for?


Suz Korb said...

I'm hoping to get a curling wand.

Timothy Brannan said...


I wanted to let you know I picked up a copy of "Eve Eden vs. the Zombie Horde"! I am looking forward to it.

David Macauley said...

Hmm, I'll have to hunt down some software for reading Kindle files on my PC. I'm missing out on some good reading.

For Christmas I am getting near mint copies of Pendragon (4e) and the MM & DMG for 3e (not 3.5, for collection purposes to complete my set of core rules). And finally I'm getting a copy of Cubicle 7's The One Ring. Oh and the new Carcosa volume. It's going to be a good Christmas. :-)

The Happy Whisk said...

For the Solstice I got a cast iron dessert skillet - just for buttery crust yummies. And Tim got Pathfinder.

For Christmas ... I don't know yet because the gifts are wrapped and I have zero idea what he got me.

Can't tell you what I got him, just yet.

Wishing you lots of fun and a Very Scary Christmas, along with an Oogie Boogie, New Year.


Suz Korb said...

Oh awesome! Hope you like the first of Eve's stories.

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