Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Best RPGs of 2011?

I was thinking back on this past year and the absolute ton of material released.  While it is has been a good year in terms of quantity (rumors of the death of the hobby continue unabated since 1986), I am not sure I could name my favorite product from 2011.

My favorite purchases that were new in 2011 were the Heroes of the Feywild, Call of Cthulhu Anniversary Edition and the DC Adventures Heroes and Villains book.  There are others I know.  I reviewed them here.  But for the life of me, nothing is sticking out.

What were YOUR favorite games out in 2011?
Why did you like them?

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Tim Knight said...

Easy one for me - Crypts & Things because it is the closest game I have found to my "holy grail" of playing D&D/swords&sorcery type gaming exactly how I imagine it should be done ;)