Sunday, March 27, 2011

Reviews: Eden Studios / Misfit Studios Edition

Some more reviews, my goal is to have my review queue cleaned out by the end of 2011.

Here are some of my favorite products from two of my favorite publishers, Eden Studios and Misfit Studios.  They had a partnership a while back and produced some really good products.

Armageddon: Armed Force
For a while Misfit Studios and Eden Studios worked on a partnership, one of the outcomes of that partnership was this new book for the Armageddon game.  Filled with just tons of information on real world and the world of 2018 military equipment.  Plus a bunch of new qualities that would also work great for WitchCraft or even Conspiracy X. Great map of the conflicts and what is going on in the war, new combat rules for Unisystem. Not to mention new magic and monsters. If you play Unisystem and need any type of military information then this is the book you need. If you play Armageddon, then this is the book you need.
5 out of 5 starts

Armageddon: Enemies Archived
You can never be too rich, too thin or have too many monsters. And in the post-Reckoning world of Armageddon, this is also true. This book contains a number of horrible beasts that rose up after the reckoning occurred. Some have always been around, others are new to this realm. Written by Steven Trustrum for Misfit Studios under license from Eden studios. This book is a fantastic guide that is perfect for any Classic Unisystem game or even Cinematic Unisystem. It's faux military dossier style makes it perfect for Conspiracy X or even an Initiative based Buffy/Angel game.
5 out of 5 starts

Odyssey Prime
Odyssey Prime is a fantastic premise that was perfect for the time. What if all your d20 (and Unisystem) worlds were connected? One part Armageddon: The End Times, one part Conspiracy X and one part Stargate SG1, the Odyssey Prime Mission was to "seek out new life and new worlds, and get to them before ours blows up!". Some examples were given of various d20 products from many publishers on how link in their product to this one. Pluses: Great use of the d20 system to do a variety of things (military, tech and magic). Built in excuse to use all your d20 books in one game. Minues: Lacked product support since the line was delayed. Still a fun game though and one I would enjoy seeing come back.
4 out of 5 starts

Odyssey Prime: Southern Discomfort
Odyssey Prime was a noble experiment. Take all the d20 worlds you can grab (or buy) and link them all together with a Stargate like device to transversing the multiverse. And for good measure include the in-house rules of Unisystem.
The game was a great idea, but something about it never caught on with everyone. Regardless the ideas are sound and this is a good adventure based on the simple idea that everything is better with velociraptors.
Worth it for the dino-stats alone really.
4 out of 5 starts


Gaming Ronin said...

I really like Eden. But they really have nothing Im interested in these days. Not even the zombie book are really of interest to me.

I will but Ghost's when it comes out. But that is the only product in Que I'm holding my breath for.

Never even heard of hack and slash before I saw it on their site.

BlUsKrEEm said...

Thanks for the heads up on Armed Force, it looks like it will be a great resource for All Flesh.