Monday, March 7, 2011

Finally got my Expert Set!

So here is a story and it is a familiar one.   Young boy in the early 80's playing Atari and listening to Thomas Dolby gets the gift that will change everything, the D&D Basic set.  Later, with his well earned and saved money he buys the D&D Expert set.  Life is pretty good.  Advanced books follow.  Boy becomes a young man and moves away to college.  Books are taken in some moves, left at parents in others, many years later that milk crate of D&D books, including those once prized Basic and Expert sets (and a crap ton of AD&D hardcovers) have disappeared.

Sad tale to be sure.

Well no more, because after years of looking (albeit not very hard) I finally got a decent looking Expert set.

The box has some wear, yes, but let's look inside.

The books themselves are in fantastic shape.  Almost mint I would go as far to say.

Much better than the one I had (bought a couple years back),

The box also had a near mint AD&D 1st ED DM's screen and a full booklet of AD&D NPC record sheets.

Of course now I have four copies of X1, Ilse of the Dread; three of them in near mint condition.

This was pretty much the last thing I wanted to buy.  Now my long lost collection is complete again.  Well, I don't have the Dungeon or Wilderness Survival Guides, but that's fine.


Shane Mangus said...


Bob Reed said...

Darn that looks like fun. Wish I was playing X1 right now...!

Greg Gorgonmilk said...

Nice! Those are in great shape.

B/X Blackrazor's 'B/X Companion' makes a nice coda. Got mine in the mail today.

Here's the Paladin's review:

The Happy Whisk said...

Very nice.

Unknown said...

Woot! I just reacquired mine this summer. The thing just oozes Erol Otus awesome.

(And yeah, I need to get around to buying the B/X Companion)

Timothy S. Brannan said...

The B/X companion is awesome.