Friday, March 11, 2011

I Explore Characters

I am presenting this as snark free as I can and I am not holding it up as an alternative to any other type of exploration.  I simply want to share my point of view.

I explore characters.  Lots of them.

Those folders are full of characters for over 100 different games, though the bulk tends to be d20, Unisystem, all editions of D&D, Mutants and Masterminds, BESM and various others.  At last count I had stated up at least 40 witches from movies, books and TV.  A few supers and 30+ years of D&D characters.  Some are 1 page in length, most weigh in around 5 pages, I have some that are 20+ pages of one character for one system.

I also like to explore the same character over and over again in different systems.

Here is my folder for Willow and Tara.  The expected ones are here, d20, Unisystem, all the above, plus GURPS, Alternity, dozens of different horror games, a few supers, BESM (all versions), Little Fears, Warlock, all the World of Darkness variants (I have them Sorcerers, Verbena, and new WoD Mages), Kult. Name the game I bet it is here.  It's close to 400 pages.

Tabbed by genre.

I guess I am not part of the OSR and more part of OCD.


scottsz said...

Point taken.

We can remove the dungeon setting and the game holds together, but we can't remove the characters.

Good post.

Trey said...

Good post.

While you may take it to a whole new level, who doesn't have old characters they treasure?

What scottsz says is absolutely true.

Pontifex said...

I ritually burn the character sheet when my characters are abandoned or die. Like vampires, they are reduced to ash and blow away into the ether.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

@Greg I am sure there is quite a cathartic feel to that and I get it.

I have a folder labeled "Graveyard" where all my dead characters are. Never know when I'll need to bring one back.

Woodclaw said...

O boy I think that I might have to do some scouting among my archives one of these days. Just to see what might came out.

John said...

I keep all my dead characters and use them as NPC's later on