Thursday, March 10, 2011

Page Views

According to Blogger Stats my page with the highest amount of page views is not anything from the OSR, witches, Willow & Tara, Zatanna or the Hex Girls.

Coming in at 65,967 page views (between May 2010 and right now) is my Xena and Gabrielle page.

My Warrior Princess can take your hot elf chick in a fight any day. ;)

My highest ranking "OSR" pages are either about vampires or goblins.

My next post will be about an adventure featuring Xena and Gabrielle fighting vampires and goblins in an old school dungeon crawl.  The Hex Girls will provide the sound track.

Please contact me if you want me to mention your OSR product in this post.  Extra for a link back to your online store.  (just kidding of course.  unless you actually give me money...)


Christopher B said...

Dude! I so want to play in that adventure. :D

Timothy S. Brannan said...

Actually the more I thought about the more I thought "you know, it would kick ass."

Do an Old School version of my Army of Darkness adventure "Friend in Deed".

Martin R. Thomas said...

Let me just say that I'm super jealous of the number of page views you have on your posts. Of course, you've been doing this much longer than I have.


Pontifex said...

Ditto @ Martin