Tuesday, March 8, 2011

International Woman's Day

Note: I am cross-posting this on the Wonder Woman blog, Amazon Princess as well.

Today is International Woman's Day.

While I think that is great thing I have to ask why more than half of the population only gets one day?  Shouldn't women get Spring and Summer and men get Fall and Winter?  Anyway I am not here to debate. William Moulton Marston envisioned a world where women would be more highly regarded than they were in his own time (and even than they are now), but failing that at least we can honor his ideals on this day with a picture of one his greatest creations; Wonder Woman.

From the DC Women Kicking Ass and Girls Gone Geek.

Don't see Fire, Ice or Zatanna in the pic though. Oh well it is still awesome.

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The Happy Whisk said...

Very cool blog post. I'm digging it. It's also Wonder Woman Wednesday Eve. Did you get all your gifts wrapped? I'm nearly done, but I haven't finished making the desserts yet. Boy, this holiday sneaks up on me faster and faster each week.