Thursday, March 10, 2011

Return to the Tome of Horrors

Frog God Games, which is from what I can tell Necromancer Games minus Clark Peterson, will be releasing TWO new versions of the wildly popular Tome of Horrors Complete.


This three book series was full of old school monsters from the like of the first Edition Fiend Folio and other sources and let them free thanks to the magic of the OGL.

Well the flumph is free once more and the the Complete book has the creatures from the first three books in one cover. It's all been updated to Pathfinder in one book and Swords & Wizardry in another.

I have the three original books and have updated a few of the monsters on my own, so I do find this rather interesting. But I am not 100% sold on it all yet. Looking at FG's products it looks like the same standards that we used to see at Necromancer are still being used. Their publications for both Pathfinder and for S&W look great. So really there is no reason to assume that this product won't be worth every penny. Except, I have them all now. I can use them almost as is for Pathfinder, and retro-scaling them should not be an issue.

I think I am going to wait on this one till I see some reviews.


Tim Knight said...

But how many people are going to be willing to fork out $90 (or $100) - plus shipping - for a 1,000-page book of monsters?

John Matthew Stater said...

Not to indulge in seedy advertising ... but the one thing they are adding for the S&W version are encounters/lairs for all the monsters. I'm writing the ones for the monsters in the original Tome and Gary Schotter and Jeff Harkness are doing 2 and 3.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

Matt, not seedy at all! Glad you let us all know.

I am fairly sure I'll get the pdfs.