Saturday, September 12, 2020

Zatannurday: Prime 1 Studio Zatanna Statue

Anyone have a spare $1500.00 they can give me?

Prime 1 Studio is releasing a "museum quality" deluxe Zatanna statue.

She comes in two versions, the "Regular" version which goes for the budget price of $1099.00, and the deluxe version which goes for $1499.00.

Here are some pictures of the Standard Version:

And the Deluxe one,

Gorgeous. But I don't think my wife will be happy with me if I get it.

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Dick McGee said...

That's some damn fine "good girl" sculpting there. Should be easy enough to get one though, no need to pay that much. Just say the magic phrase:

"Em ot emoc, eutats annataZ"