Friday, September 4, 2020

Kickstart Your Weekend: Abracadabra: A Guide to Becoming a Magical Games Master

Well, this one looks like it will be fun!

Abracadabra: A Guide to Becoming a Magical Games Master

Described as "an art book that educates. Something to flick through for inspiration, guidance and assistance."  This book combines the author's areas of expertise of RPGs, training coach and graphic designer into one whole.

The art is very attractive and this looks like a "coffee-table" or what we like to call a "luxury book" though it has more value than just looking good.

I was pleased that the author mentioned Michael Shea's "The Lazy Dungeon Master" as the go-to guide for learning how to run your games better.  This book looks like it is not competing with that and would either supplement or complement Shea's books.

The art in this looks fantastic and there are hardcover and PDF options for the book.

At the current rates, £22 is about $29.20 US (PDF).  £32 is $42.22 US (Hardcover) and the combined bundle is £42, or $55.42, not factoring in any shipping.

Considering what you are getting those prices sound good.

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