Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Dungeons & Dragons Animated Series: Requiem The Final Episode

Well here is an unexpected treat.

Growing up I didn't watch much of the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon. I caught it when I could, but I worked most Saturdays and didn't always see it.  This was also back before DVRs or even on-demand viewing, so unless recorded it on VHS, well I missed out.

Many years later I picked it up on DVD when it was packaged with some wonderful 3rd Edition content. This was about the same time my oldest was getting interested in D&D and the D&D animated series was the perfect gateway drug for him.  If it is possible to wear out a DVD then he would have done it.

On the DVD extras were a lot of neat little things. One of them was the script for Requiem, the last episode of the series.  Written by series writer Michael Reeves it detailed the last adventure of Hank, Eric, Diana, Bobby, Sheila and Uni. It had been put on as a radio play in 2006 and was also included in the DVD release. 

Now some enterprising animators pulled together clips from the series and new animations to give us the final episode in full animated form.

Watch it while you can.


I think they did a pretty good job, to be honest, all things considered.  


paleologos said...

Totally amazing - thanks for the heads up!

JasperAK said...

Thank You for the link. This is awesome.

Marshall Hubbard said...

Ryan Nead and I, Marshall Hubbard, are so glad everyone seems to love our production of Requiem!!! Thank you to everyone for giving a chance!

Timothy S. Brannan said...

Matt and Ryan,
It was a joy to watch.

Warsun said...

OH! Thank goodness it isn't facebook. Thank you for this. There is nothing worse than a incomplete story. I loved the show an would love to see a new generation. After the virus situation has passed. Maybe someone will kickstart it. Who knows.