Saturday, October 5, 2013

October Movie: Drive Angry (2011)

October is not complete without at least one bad Nicholas Cage movie.   I am not sure if this one is horror really or not.  There is a lot of killings, an immortal hellish "Accountant" (no joke) and a cult. Plus it also has Nicholas Cage chewing up up scenery.  Oh and he just escaped from Hell.  Maybe he took the same route that Veronica did from Dark Angel.  At one point when we see the cult in a church my wife thought it was like Children of the Corn.  Children of the Corny more like it.

But in the end it was a fun movie. Nick Cage is always fun and Amber Heard is not bad to look at.
In truth I kinda like the Accountant character.  Think about it.  What sort of Accountant would Hell have?  Even the lesser demons have to be terrible to behold so what is the guy in charge of making sure the numbers turn up right? I also thought if this is the Devil's Accountant what must his Librarian be like?

All in all better than I expected, but I wasn't expecting much at all.

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Jeff said...

I suppose any movie staring Nick Cage could be considered horror. I'm usually horrified, at least.