Saturday, October 5, 2013

Games Plus Haul 2013

Here is this year's haul.

Lots of board games that the boys wanted.  A replacement Victoriana 1st ed. A Doctor Who game I have never seen and another copy of Dungeon (I am a collector).

Tower of the Wizard King is new to me.  The bags are tiles of monsters for D&D 3.x or 4.

More later.  Getting ready to play Vampire Hunter now.


Anonymous said...

Fantasy Wargaming!!

Ha, I love that book, though I am about the only one.

The bestiary is awesome.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

That book is so trippy. I have not seen one in years. It came up and I said I had to have it.

Brett Slocum said...

FG is great for inspiration. And a very complete list of magical correspondences.

What an awesome haul!

faoladh said...

I love FW, both as a source of ideas and as a game in itself (though I do think that it needs some tweaking to work well, since I don't think that it was given enough development before publication). Last year, I wrote a fairly long series that was somewhere between a read-through, a review, and a set of suggestions for how to improve it. The biggest weakness of the series, in my own opinion, was the fact that I didn't seem able to focus on any one of those things, though perhaps "read-through" was the dominating theme.

Tim Knight said...

Another vote here for Fantasy Wargaming and the Doctor Who miniatures game. Black Tree/Harlequin are still hanging in there producing the miniatures when you need more daleks and UNIT troopers!